Novas Aulas No Curso de Inglês CESPE!

Novas Aulas No Curso de Inglês CESPE!

Hi, Dears!

Are you fine? Sempre desejo que estejam muito bem! Darlings, quem está estudando para a prova da ABIN (CESPE) ou similares, tenho o prazer de convidar para passearem comigo pela prova ABIN 2004 – um passeio bem ‘light’ e que já está disponível em videoaulas!

Ei-la logo abaixo! E como mencionamos no artigo anterior, no nosso Curso CESPE há muitas provas resolvidas – verdadeiros e detalhados passeios que aumentam a nossa intimidade e nos permitem descobrir as sutilezas dessa banca e ser bem-sucedidos nos nossos English Tests!

Provas do CESPE disponíveis no CURSO CESPE do Olá: ABIN/2008 (Oficial de Inteligência), TCU/2008, ANEEL/2010, CÂMARA DOS DEPUTADOS/2012, ANATEL/2012, ANS/2013 e TELEBRAS/2013 (especialmente a prova ABIN 2008 – que contém a resolução de questões referentes a três textos!).


Nos itens de 111 a 120, a seguir, são avaliados conhecimentos

em língua inglesa.

1 The pre-Iraq war and pre-9/11 performance of

some secret services is subject to harsh criticism and, in

some countries, various investigations. Governments are

4 accused to have taken essential decisions based upon

dubious information. The different agencies are blamed

for inter- and intra-agency rivalry blocking the efficiency

7 of any early warning system. In addition, they are heavily

criticized for delivering the message their political masters

wanted to hear.

10 We do not want to blame anybody. But we

believe that it is necessary to rethink the whole business

of secret services.

13 Without knowing the details that obviously led to

serious deficiencies, there are several fundamental

problems with the work of secret services in open,

16 democratic societies. In democracies, there is often a basic

mistrust towards intelligence gathering. It seems to be a

dirty job. Democracy asks for openness and transparency.

19 People in democracies do not like the work in a shadow.

Scientists and journalists refrain in general from

cooperation with secret services. They are afraid to

22 destroy their access to foreign countries and colleagues.

Recruitment of qualified young people has become


Dieter Farwick. Internet: < securitynetwork.

com/showArticle3.cfm?article_id=9226> (with adaptations).

From the text above, it can be deduced that

111 the action of some secret services before September 11 is

under bitter criticisms.

112 the American decision to declair war against Iraq was

based on doubtless information.

113 other interests were put above public security by secret service agents.

114 political issues should not prevail over security matters.

115 the author deeply criticizes the British secret service.

116 open democracies welcome the action of intelligence services.

117 journalists, in general, are very keen to cooperate with secret services.

118 qualified young people have never been interested in becoming a secret agent. In the previous text,

119 “whole” (R.11) can be correctly replaced by entire.

120 “mistrust” (R.17) is synonymous with distrust.

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